Teach the Children! Help Them, Love Them! Reach Out to Life with Your Heart…

Listening Angel

Brides of Christ, Your Bridegroom Is Waiting….

Saint Teresa of Avila

The King Desires His Bride……

Mother Mary

Shafts of Ruby Ray for Transmutation and Free in the Laughter of the Laughing Buddha!

Buddha of the Ruby Ray and Omri-Tas

Christopher Columbus: The Man and the Myth (lecture excerpt)

Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Let the Wall of Fire Descend! Walk the Earth as Pillars of Fire, We Shall Have the Victory in God’s Name

Sanat Kumara with the Seven Holy Kumaras

Discover the New World of Aquarius, I Release the Dispensation for the Golden Age of Aquarius to Manifest

Saint Germain

Are You Ready for the Second Coming? Walk the Earth as My Twin, Be an Example of the Aquarian-Age Christ

Jesus Christ

Save the Children! Death and Hell stalk the classrooms of America….

Sponsors of Youth from the Great Central Sun